Posts in Testimonials
Joshua T. (July, 2019)

"We were very happy with Tom Hall's inspection. He was very quick to do the inspection when it was requested. I was amazed at some of the stuff he found because it would of been something I would have overlooked or not paid attention to. It was very affordable especially for the quality and quickness of inspection. I will use him in my future purchases without a doubt and highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Mr. Tom."

Lauren L. (June, 2019)

"The inspection was very thorough and informative. We will be using the information you gave us to ask a plumber to assess the water heater and an electrician to check out the sub-panel. You also jump started our to-do list. Appreciate your promptness, keeping us informed, and the ease of working with you. Thanks so much."

Louse G. (May, 2019)

"I was very satisfied with the home inspection done by Bonafide Home Inspections. Mr Hall was courteous and spent time showing and explaining to me the findings and results. I would recommend Bonafide to anyone. I received the report rapidly."

Carla M (February, 2019)

"I highly recommend Bonafide Home Inspections! The service was exceptional and the report was very thorough and easy to read. The inspector was very professional and took his time viewing the property. The attention to detail set my mind at ease about buying the home. It was a pleasure doing business with Bonafide Home Inspections!”

Elizabeth B (January, 2019)

"Bonafide Home Inspections was the best decision in the home buying process. Tom was very thorough, the report was even more thorough by giving a summary report and then a very detailed look (with pictures) at everything. I highly recommend using Bonafide Home Inspections for any services you need.  5 star service ! "

Erica T (January, 2019)

"I was greatly satisfied and appreciative of the services I received. Bonafide Home Inspections was thorough and efficient with the inspection. Tom was honest and laid out the good and the bad with no hesitation. Thanks ! "

William W. (Sept. 2018)

"Needing to sell our home after having lived in it for several years, we decided to get a pre-sale home inspection. We called Tom Hall and set an appointment. Tom arrived at the scheduled time and performed a very thorough inspection from top to bottom, inside and out. We received a full report the next day complete with photos and descriptions of all items needing addressed. Thanks to Tom, we now know the state of our house before we sell. I highly recommend calling Tom for your inspection needs."

Jennifer K. (July 2018)

"I appreciated your thoroughness and attention to detail during our home inspection. As a result, we have been able to address concerns that would have only been discovered in the inspection. We have addressed the issues you pointed out. The home will be in good shape  and ready for our family to live and grow in for years to come. Thank you for your time and professionalism."